360 Video Booth

Create a one-of-a-kind experience your guests won’t soon forget

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What is a 360 Video Booth?

A jaw dropper to watch and experience, our 360 photo booth rental takes up to 5 guests upon it’s elevated infinity led platform as its high definition camera rotates around them creating an impactful variable speed style video, showcasing their look, energy, fashion, and more. In the age of content creation, our 360 degree photo booth stands out above the rest when it comes to a unique, brandable experience that’s social media optimized. Add special effects to the output for a more personalized and uniquely branded experience. Each session is ready in under 30 seconds to be instantly shared and enjoyed, over and over again. 

All Packages Include

  • 360° Video Booth

  • Delivery, Set-up, and Take down
  • 6 Safety Stanchions
  • Photography Lighting
  • Instant social sharing
  • Video Overlay 
  • 4 songs of your choosing
  • Onsite Booth attendant

How a 360 Video Booth Rental Works?

Let’s pull back the curtain and explain just how it works. We’ll arrive early to setup the equipment and prepare the predetermined space.  Once you give the green light, we’ll encourage guests to line up and step on up to the platform. With our platform, capable of holding up to five guests, your attendees won’t have to worry about trimming down their party! A high definition camera will orbit their entourage to capture every stunning angle and fleeting moment. As the camera swivels around the platform, it’ll speed up and slow down at set intervals in order to capture eye-catching video footage. 

Once the camera returns, your guests can head to the sharing station. Within 30 short seconds, the rapid technology will have completed compiling the footage into an entirely unique video. With various social media and sharing options available, you can decide ahead of time exactly which platforms and sharing methods you’d like to offer your guests. Answer a couple questions, type in their email address, and press send -  all that’s left is to check their inbox!


Is a 360 Video Booth Worth It?

Now that you have a better understanding of exactly how it works and what to expect, we want to mention a few key points to explain just how valuable the 360 photo booth is for your event. As the host, you’ll communicate a few things to your guests:

  1. You care about them. Providing this engaging and remarkable of an experience tells your guests one thing: you want them to have an incredible night. Rather than simply hosting an event, you have planned an experience for your guests to engage with and participate in. Their enjoyment is a foremost priority for you. 
  2. You value innovation. Hiring an uninspiring or subpar event vendor simply isn’t going to cut it here. Investing the time, energy, and resources into a revolutionary new technology shows your willingness and commitment to trying new things and supporting creative endeavours. 
  3. You want them to feel like a star. Your event (literally) revolves around them. Although your event will likely incorporate additional activities and vendors, you’ll be making a strong statement that you are there to validate and cater to their needs. It’s not all about you and how they can address your concerns, but rather, how you can give them a tangible experience that is solely focused on making them feel special and celebrated. 


Custom Branding & Data Capture

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about you as the host. Our 360 Video Booth is fully customizable - there’s no need to forfeit your own brand for such an upscale experience. We’re eager to work with you to ensure that the graphics and interface reflect the aesthetic your brand emulates.  

In addition, our technology seamlessly integrates the opportunity to gain invaluable feedback from your guests. Prior to sharing their unique mementos, guests can answer a handful of brief questions that will inform your own understanding and help you to gain data-driven insight regarding your attendees.

One last thing - we can’t forget the mementos themselves. Easy to brand, take, and share, these stunning videos don’t only capture your gorgeous guests, but do so in a professional way. The studio-grade cameras document the scene beautifully, while the variable speed provides interest and intrigue for the guest. With a great online presence, these videos will keep your party going long after the lights have turned off. 

Let’s be clear. When our 360 photo booth arrives at your event, it won’t be a single, standalone vendor at the party - these are the party. Such an immersive experience checks all the boxes: fun, creative, inclusive, and well-executed. 360 degrees. This one’s coming full circle.